Hey this is Raji here. By now you probably know who my partner and I are. Burhon and I are virtual wholesalers. Now I don’t want to blabber you to boredom but I will explain to you here shortly not only what wholesaling is but what virtual wholesaling is and how you.. Just like us can be doing it successfully in no time. In this short article I will take you by the hand and explain everything real estate related that way when you finish reading you will be equipped not only with overall knowledge about the subject but also the tools needed to succeed in this very competitive industry. In short wholesaling is finding off-market properties at a discount. Once you run your numbers and it’s a deal you will need the homeowner to sign a contract with you for you to buy their property. You will then have what is called “Equitable Interest”. You will then assign such a deal to an end investor who will pay you a commission for finding him a deal. Now let’s answer this last question before I teach you what steps to take in order to find your first deal. What is virtual wholesaling? Virtual wholesaling is a game changer. It refers to the practice of practicing real estate wholesaling from anywhere in the world. We are currently in 2021 meaning by now technology and COVID have expedited remote work by a decade. You can now send and sign contracts virtually. You can also have others go take pictures of properties for you. With all that being said you can delegate the entire process. From A to Z. Without much ado let’s get to it 

Propstream = List Pulling

Let’s start with what’s arguably the most important aspect of wholesaling which is list pulling. So where can you get your lists from? There are various ways. The most famous one over the years has been driving around looking for distressed looking properties. You can also walk right into your county’s office and request a list of homeowners entering foreclosures soon. Now we do things just a little bit differently here in HMP. As previously said we do virtual wholesaling so we don’t really have time or even the will to drive around or walk into the county’s office. We pull lists of vacant, pre-foreclosures and much more from Propstream. This company gathers public records from all over the counties and cities in the USA and gives you 10,000 records per month for only $99.This saves you hours and is for the most part very efficient.  They also have a great comp tool which we’ll explain later.